Log Cabins & Log Homes


Log Homes are the place to go for quality log cabins, log houses, mobile log homes and bespoke log buildings from Holzland. We are experienced professional log home and mobile log home suppliers and builders. For many years our family company the details are of great importance to us. Log Homes build exclusive, individual houses of exceptional quality and designed just for you.

Eco Friendly

Wood’s durability has already been tested harsh storms, rain, drought and extreme temperatures. Log houses and log cabins endure from generation to generation. In Scandinavia, some existing residential log homes are already hundreds of years old. The beautiful red, slowly grown pine is tightly grained, making it exceptionally strong and easy to work with.


Wooden buildings place far less strain on the environment than comparative materials. Our wood is sourced from managed forests in Scandinavia through an ecological harvesting process. Any waste product generated in the process is utilized so that there is no wastage. Which ever log cabin style or type of log building you are choosing, you can be sure that it’s ecologically friendly.

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