Log home technology

We produce pre-fabricated log houses from natural massive logs and laminated logs.

We produce custom-made machine milled round logs as well.

Log profiles can be produced from pine and spruce.

Massive log is pleasantly natural and beautiful but also the distinctive features of wood must be taken into account like wall sinking and many cracks. Laminated log is steadier and less cracks when the log dries.

Selection of the log profile depends on the type, location and purpose of the house. Use of thinner log profile with additional thermal insulation has become very popular. The log house can be insulated internally as well as externally.

We provide different log thicknesses and log profiles.

Massive logs is from 45 mm to 75 mm, thickness of laminated logs is from 90 mm to 270 mm.

We also produce different types of corner joints: classical cross-corner and “city corner” called also a short cross-corner.

The log part of the houses we produce can be assembled instantly, the delivery kit includes necessary assembly accessories, thermal insulation to be added in between the logs and around the tenons.

Log profiles

Laminated logs
Laminated logs City corner

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