Log home energy efficient?

Wood is the best insulation material nature has to offer. It does not mean that you will have most energy-efficient house just by increasing the thickness of the walls. Like with every other type of house you have to consider the insulation norms for floors, ceilings and roof, use the right kind of doors and windows, etc.

Logs retain humidity and heat and give them out slowly and evenly making the indoor air pleasant and healthy. Solid wood gives a house a soul.

The surface temperature of wood is higher than that of harder materials, which gives the feeling, that the rooms are warmer than they actually are. Therefore you can maintain an indoor temperature a couple of degrees lower than usual.

Does a log house settle in time?

It depends on the profile of the logs used. For solid log profiles the settlement is about 3-4% for every meter of height. If glued laminated log profiles are used you will have settlement around 1%.

Do you use dry logs?

Yes, all the materials used have been kiln dried.

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